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We believe high-effort communities are an essential part of every accountant's personal growth stack.

We're doing the same work in parallel. Let's come together, and share what we're learning in community.

Invest in community as a shared resource to create a more efficient value exchange for our profession.

Your Private Community

You don't need another water cooler community

Join a high-effort community that isn't underwritten by your software vendor.

📕 Growing resource libraries
🎓 Seasonal workshop cohorts
📚 Paid community librarians
🌟 A bespoke platform

Automation Training

We're building training videos to take you and your team from your very first integration, to industry-first content around topics like robotic process automation.Learn about cloud apps, Airtable, Zapier, Integromat and RPA tools like Electroneek alongside other talented accountants going through the same journey.See a recording of a live workshop

Mastermind Groups

A 6 month journey in groups of 5 with other professionals in a similar firm size, at the same stage, and offering similar services. We're matchmaking accountants to enable hyper-relevant input from pros who are in a similar situation to your own.Learn More

Software Transitions

Cohort-based software transitions are being organized among group members, to mitigate the risk of these transitions. Transition teams are made up of 1-2 sponsors who have used the tool for several years, and 2-5 members who agree to make the migration in parallel, sharing tips, frustrations and best practices.

Shared Tools

We're building shared tooling that anyone in the community is free to use. Instead of each member reinventing the wheel, we're putting out heads together to build around common needs.ERC eligibility tool
TaxTwitter software directory

Start building the future of the profession in community

Sales playbooks
Pricing frameworks
A network of SALT pros
COAs and bank rules
Client scoring framework
Industry templates
Client newsletters

Client request framework
Advisory tools
Email automation
Promoting balance
Selling with confidence
The right tool for the job

Robotic process automation
Choosing the right services
No-code tool automation
Hiring best-practices
DIY API integrations
Web scraping
Open-source tools


We aren't underwritten by a product company. As a result we're able to see the world through the lens of fellow practicioners, rather then that of our vendors. To enable this we charge $120/mo for membership, and to be fair to members we don't have sales.

In exchange:

You will never see an ad
You will never talk to a vendor
We can invest in the platform itself
We can pay librarians to organize our resources
You will work alongside high-output professionals
We can afford to build a long-term libraries
We aren't subject to the free tier

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A collaboration community for accountants & advisors

Getting the whole band together, I see:

Welcome to Realize, we look forward to collaborating with you.In the meantime, if you have any other colleagues that may benefit from being part of the community, here is a link to your team signup

Before we cast off, please certify three things:

✔ You are an accountant or advisor
✔ You do not represent a vendor in our industry
✔ You will not solicit other members

Before we cast off, please certify three things:

✔ You are an accountant or advisor
✔ You do not represent a vendor in our industry
✔ You will not solicit other members

Welcome Aboard

You should receive an email with instructions to set up your account. If you run into any issues, please shoot me a message at

Is there someone you've always wanted to collaborate with? Would Realize be valuable to a friend or colleague? Share Realize with them and starting building your collaboration dream-team.

Every person you refer to Realize banks you a free month of membership. Pull 6 friends into Realize? Realize is free to you for 6 months.

Additional team accounts are half-price. If you have a team-member you want to bring along, have them sign up via this link:

We look forward to collaborating with you!

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Welcome Aboard

Thanks for choosing to follow along on our journey. If you ever have questions about joining our community, don't hesitate to send us a message.

Hello Stranger

Thanks for playing a part in the inception of Realize. Subscribe with the link below to lock in founder pricing forever, and receive the first month free:

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On Demand

Tech Workshop Series

The 8 week series that kicked off Realize

You know how to wrangle your accounting tech stack. Learn adjacent no-code automation technology that will automate your services, and begin to build product-based revenue streams.• Hands-on live workshops
• 60 minutes once a week
Edited-down recordings
• Accessible for all levels of expertise
• Non-accounting tools to enable your accounting stack

Check out the week 1 recording to preview the series:

Workshop Recordings Available

Free for Realize members

Sign up to become a Realize member and in addition to the workshop series, gain access to a community of collaborative practitioners.

Already savvy with APIs & automation tech?

This is the workshop series I needed to enable my team. If you're already a Realize member, use this link to set up half-price Realize memberships for your teammates.

Workshop Series

Week 1 - The Automation Landscape

• What are the options out there
• API connectors, RPA, web forms, web scrapers
• What are APIs and Webhooks
What's the right tech for the job
• What is the most robust option that won't break

Week 2 - Intro to Airtable

• Get to grips with Airtable
• Learn what it is, and what it isn't
• Learn why it has become the backbone of automation
• Visualize work in terms of databases
Build ready-to-use client-facing applications

Week 3 - Intro to API Connectors

• Learn several connector options & their differences
• Learn what can and can not be done via APIs
Explore how to enable your team to leverage connectors
• Build controls to ensure data security

Week 4 - Web Forms for Automation

• Get comfortable with Typeform and Airtable forms
Learn to dynamically generate forms via API connectors
• Set up branching logic in your forms
• Leverage forms to simplify info gathering
• Build a process around web forms

Week 5 - Image Generation APIs

Learn how to generate custom reporting automatically
• Create bespoke, automated scorecards for your clients
• Shorten feedback loops by generating daily reporting

Week 6 - Robotic Process Automation

• Learn to leverage RPA for legacy applications
• Build RPA utilities to interface with legacy tools like your tax suite
Build your own API to interface with legacy tools
• Use modern web tools as middleware for legacy software

Week 7 - Advanced Airtable Automation

• Turn Airtable into the engine that runs your services
• Leverage the tool as a engine that drives automated workflows
Build bespoke client applications on top of Airtable

Week 8 - Building a Fully Automated Service

• Begin building product-based revenue streams
Take what we learned to introduce a new service
• Ensure the service can be automated from end-to-end
• Build a client onboarding workflow
• Build a marketing funnel for your service

📢 Sign-ups for 6 month masterminds closed on May 20th - Stay tuned for the next cohort

Community Program

Mastermind Groups

Join 40+ accountants who have signed up for the 6 month initiative

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro with thousands of clients, collaborating with pros in a firm like yours is difficult.Realize is matchmaking pros in similar situations, offering similar services, to drive your personal growth.• Small groups of 5
• Meetings once a month
• Groups last 6 months
High-context support
The first cohort of mastermind groups are now underway. Stay tuned for updates on a second cohort.

The format:

The meeting format is simple: each member spends 20 minutes talking through what's going well, and what isn't. It's a rare opportunity where you have 20 minutes of permission to talk about yourself, your struggles and your ambitions.This space doesn't exist for most professionals, and the opportunity to talk through those challenges with other pros that understand exactly where you're at is a powerful experience.You'll learn what challenges your peers are going through, and glean wisdom from their journey along the way.

Why join a mastermind group?

18 reasons why members have signed up so far:

Ready to take part?

Sign up to the Realize accountant community, and complete the Mastermind onboarding form to be notified when the second cohort begins

What's a Realize?

Realize is a first-of-its-kind community for accounting & tax pros to come together, and build the future of the profession in community. Learn more over on the Realize community homepage.

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